Cookie Dough Fundraising


This is our preorder fundraising option. Each container provides the individual with 3 lbs. of our world famous cookie dough! 3 of our favorite flavors are available for you to bake at your convenience. This is the perfect fundraiser for the holiday season!

$30 Dough-on-the-Go (3 lbs)
Minimum % of Profit Retail/Box Your Cost/Box Your Profit/Box
25 - 3 lbs. Boxes 50% $30.00 $15.00 $15.00

Cookie Dough Flavors: Chocolate Chip • Peanut Butter • M&M

All cookie dough orders need to be in on Fridays, and will be shipped/delivered on the 2nd Monday following.

Suggested Fundraising Timeline: Begin the fundraiser, sell cookie dough for two weeks (including two weekends), end the fundraiser on a Wednesday, tally up group order and place final count on Friday.

Minimum order is 25 boxes. To meet the minimum order a combination of the flavors maybe sold.

Shipping /Delivery varies with amount sold.