How To Get Started

Get Started!

Virtual Fundraising

First: Contact us with the size of your organization, your fundraising goals and Apple Cookie and Chocolate Co. will guide you through the process and lead you to success!

Second: Pick a short, but sweet timeline. The most profitable fundraisers only need three weeks to obtain their goal.

Third: Send your customized group email to as many friends and family members as you can! All orders will be placed online and direct through our website.

Fourth: Success! We will track your progress and at the end of the program your organization will receive sales totals and earnings.


First: Contact Apple Cookie and Chocolate Company about scheduling your fundraiser. Our fundraising team will send brochures and order forms for the cookie dough.

Second: Pick a short, but sweet timeline. The most profitable fundraisers only need two weekends to obtain their goal. During this time your group and/or volunteers should be spreading the word about the fundraiser! Each individual in the group should have a list of target buyers.

Third: Take orders from family, friends, family co-workers, church community first. If you have not reached your goal, you can take your fundraising door-to-door. Please remember safety in selling! Tell your group to sell with buddies and never alone.

Fourth: Have a mid-point check-in date. This reminds the group of the goal they are trying to reach, and motivates them to keep selling.

Fifth: Turn in orders by the deadline given. Accepting orders after deadline date leads to a lot of frustration for the group. Tally up your group’s total order and contact Apple Cookie and Chocolate Co with the final count on the Friday of that week. The cookie dough will be picked up/delivered the 2nd Monday following.

Sixth: Once your cookie dough is delivered, the group should distribute the dough in a timely manner to your buyers!

*only available for local pick up/delivery