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Looking for a creative gift idea? Browse our Shop by Gift Occasion section for Apple Cookie & Chocolate Companys best cookie and chocolate products for every occasion! By shopping our online store, we make it simple and easy to find the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, saying thank you, weddings, events and more! We don't only have gifts to match any industry, but we have gifts to match any price or personality!

Our cookies are baked fresh daily and made with zero preservatives. They are individually packaged to ensure freshness. The average shelf life is 3 weeks after delivery.
New Year's Gallon
Apple Cookie Original
Auto Parts Gallon
Boston City Cookies
Bow Gallon of Cookies
Bow Quart of Cookies
Gift Box of Cookies
Medical Supply Combo
New York City Cookies
Hot Deal
Nuts About You Gift Box
Real Estate Gallon
Tub O' Treats
Tub O' Treats Combo
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