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Shop Apple Cookie & Chocolate Company's uniquely packaged Industry Themed Corporate Cookie & Chocolate Gifts! Apple Cookie & Chocolate Co. is the industry leader in custom themed chocolate business and corporate gifts. This section will guide you through our wide range of industry specific promotional gifts and individual chocolate pieces for every trade. Choose an industry such as builders, plumbers, electricians or architects and shop all of our memorable gifts and giveaways! If you are having trouble finding a specific themed gift you are searching for give one of our gift specialists a call today! 1-800-223-YUMM (9866)

Our cookies are baked fresh daily and made with zero preservatives. They are individually packaged to ensure freshness. The average shelf life is 3 weeks after delivery.
Blueprint Cookies
Bucket Bag
Income Snack Return
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Apple Cookie Original
Architect Combo
Auto Parts Combo
Auto Parts Gallon
CAD Gallon of Cookies
CFL Quart
Construction Combo
Electric Combo
Gift Box of Cookies
Gutter Gallon
Hardware Combo
Hot Rolled Gallon
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